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Guest – 

I know there is a thread back then about the new single Surveillance by Wynter Gordon. After reading about that forum and liking it quite a bit, I searched for Wynter’s to see if I could find something about the song, luckily some of the leaked stuff I found was brilliant. I personally can’t wait for the music videos and LP which she says will release this month.   


Shanti – 

Surveillance is my friend’s favorite after I played the song teaser to her yesterday. Has she been interviewed about her latest single yet? Please do let me know and also where I can find it. 


Grace – 

I absolutely adored her new single even if it’s only a teaser. I’ve sent it to my friends and as expected, they all love it. I think it will be a massive hit once it releases. 


Yeri – 

The song isn’t huge because it isn’t released yet! She says on her social media account that it will release next month. 


Kylie – 

I haven’t heard her new song, however, if it is brilliant then I will eagerly await for all of her released song. Is there a video of her new single? 


George – 

The music video has been shot and I think it will release next month together with the album that will release in the market and another music store. I just hope that it will be a great video like the others so it will be a massive hit.