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The garage door does not always work in the way, it should be. It is very annoying when garage door problems occur at an unexpected time. So it is wise to maintain the garage door regularly to make sure that your garage door and vehicle are protected well. However, not all the troubles encountered with the garage door in the same way.  So what are the common problems? What are the common signs that show it’s a time to perform some maintenance or repair? And what are the solutions to troubleshoot the problems? Do you handle them by yourself or need help from professionals? There are plenty of famous Griffin, GA garage door repair companies that offer fast and reliable services according to need, requirement, and budget.  

Garage door problems and their solutions

Failure in operating a garage door is a significant sign that your door has some trouble either with opener or springs. It is good to know that what kind of opener or spring your garage door has installed before performing any DIY work. If your garage door has an electric opener then it just needs to be reprogrammed. 

Another clear sign is jammed garage door which indicates unaligned tracks, dirty or damaged rollers, or hinges that needs quick lubrication. If you have a falling garage door which indicates worn-out springs. A falling garage door with broken springs is not a good condition.

Does your garage door make loud sounds? Who would want to operate a noisy garage door especially when you arrived late at night? There may be an opener behind this load of racket. There are three types of garage door openers such as, the chain-driven, screw-driver, and belt-driven garage door opener. The chain-driven garage door opener is the noisiest one while the belt-driven garage door opener is quietest among three types. The screw driven does not make so much noise, but it needs lubrication occasionally.

If garage door opener functioning properly, there may be a misaligned garage door behind the problems. To test it, remove the emergency cord of the garage door to operate it manually. Open your garage door to its half path release. Inspect whether it is stable or moves further. If it does not follow your commands, then there is a problem. It is time to inspect the springs and hinges. Extension springs are easy to repair or replace as compare to torsion springs that are mounted at the top of the garage door. Never attempt garage door torsion springs replacement on your own because it can be dangerous. It is good to consult a professional to do so.

If garage door springs are in good working conditions, there may be hinges that should be replaced. You should lubricate the hinges first before calling a garage door technician. If your garage door experiencing noisy pulleys or rollers, lubricate them as well. If they are rusted or rotted then call an expert to replace them immediately. For broken or dented garage door, it is always wise to call professional to handle the garage door.




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