About Us 

Peach Music was created by a writer and musician from Milwaukee who has aspirations to change the world with music. He loves everything about music. He was born and raised in Milwaukee. Peach Music was established in 2010 just as a hobby, making blogs about musicians, nothing serious. But then, many followers demand to offer more besides articles about their favorite music artists. He thought maybe his works and ideas inspired others that’s why they demand to add more features on his website. Then, the hobby turned into a full-fledged music entertainment website devoted to bringing you the latest, greatest and hottest music in town. He has worked with many record labels. My biggest accomplishment was my collaboration article with some musicians in Milwaukee. I wrote articles for many music websites. After all these years, I still have a passion for music and writing. 


Peach Music website is all about discovering your passions and finding your inspiration through music and supporting artists all the way. We don’t consider this as a blog but more of a one-stop shop, an online platform for everything about music.  


Peach Music has interviewed many of the best music artists around the country. Apart from our blog, we also contribute regularly to one of the leading online music magazines as an editor. Peach Music has been designed to generate new fans and keep existing fans engaged with their favorite artists. You can find the new tracks, latest news, upcoming shows, and events. Our blog features our opinions, behind the scenes, stuff and social networks. We also offer a full online store featuring artists’ merchandise, photos, and allows for the purchasing pf albums. You will also find rich media content with the story and biography about various music band and music artists. We have a community forum as well.  


We think every artist should be active in their social media accounts for the fans to know what’s behind the scene in their ongoing music career. 


Let us grow and support the music industry together!